Quick Facts

Possibly Pennsylvania Dutch




33" Long, String length 24 1/2" to 25 1/4" from 1st to 4th, body is about 2" on a side

Very Good

I bought this instrument from Fred Oster at Vintage Instruments in Philadelphia around 30 years ago. Gordon Dow, who had a booth at Renningers Antique Market in Adamstown, Pennsylvania, during that time frame stayed a night or two with me in Florida while attending the Orlando Guitar show. He saw this instrument and said he had found it in the Adamstown area and sold it to Mr. Oster. This instrument has some decorative touches and the Pennsylvania Dutch hearts are beautiful. It is made from American Tulip Poplar, and the seams are nearly invisible. I assume it was made in the early 1800s in northern Virginia or Pennsylvania. The mountain dulcimer is an American instrument descended from the sheitholt. Sheitholts have frets on their body, while the mountain dulcimer has a raised fret board.