Banjer Days - Various Artists

Track Listing

  1. Rippling Waters: Paul Smith
  2. Johnny, Don't Get Drunk : Paul Smith
  3. Hand Me Down My Old Suitcase: George Gibson
  4. Moonshiner : George Gibson
  5. Pass Around the Bottle : George Gibson
  6. Florida Blues: Debbie Grim
  7. Cuckoo: Debbie Grim
  8. Dixie Darling: Debbie Grim
  9. I Need the Prayer of Those I Love: Will Keys
  10. Waiting for the Robert E. Lee: Will Keys
  11. Dead March: Will Keys
  12. Shady Grove: Lee Sexton
  13. Stay Out of Town: Odus Maggard
  14. I've Been Here a Long, Long Time: Odus Maggard
  15. Rolling in My Sweet Baby's Arms: Fred O'Quinn
  16. Walking in the Parlor: Fred O'Quinn
  17. Rye Whiskey: Lee Sexton
  18. Little Stream of Whiskey or the Dying Hobo: Hobart Crabtree
  19. Old Joe Clark: Hobart Crabtree
  20. Sourwood Mountain: George Gibson
  21. Bonnie Blue Eyes: George Gibson
  22. Prince Charlie: Debbie Grim
  23. Snake Chapman's Tune: Paul Smith
  24. Rock Andy: Paul Smith
  25. I'll Go Home to Honey: Paul David Smith

Old Time Banjo Days is part of a series of workshops and concerts of traditional Appalachian music and culture held at Appalshop in Whitesburg, Kentucky. These recordings were made between 1993 and 1997. The performers featured on this CD are from Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia, and include Hobart Crabtree, George Gibson, Debbie Grim, Will Keys, Odus Maggard, Fred O’Quinn, Lee Sexton and Paul David Smith. The various styles of banjo playing and singing featured on this CD gives one an appreciation of the diversity and complexity of mountain banjo music.

Debbie Grim and Hobart Crabtree play in different yet outstanding styles of down stroke banjo picking. The bluesy old-time three-finger picking of Odus Maggard, the haunting two-finger picking of Lee Sexton, and the wonderful two-finger picking of Will Keys provide perspective on the diversity of finger picking styles for old time banjo. Paul David Smith and Fred O’Quinn provide examples of outstanding banjo picking styles that are more modern. George Gibson plays in down stroke and two-finger picking styles learned in Knott County, Kentucky.

The lyrics for the songs sung by George Gibson can be found on this web site. The Banjer Days CD can be ordered by contacting us. The price is $17.00, which includes shipping in the continental United States. The money from the sale of this CD will be donated to WMMT-FM Radio and the Cowan Creek Mountain Music Schooll. This CD can also be ordered from Appalshop.

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